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Glitter up those Nails!


We all love to doll up our nails and make them look girly and bold. Maybe your looking for a way to make those nails stand out just a little bit more. Glitter Polish can do just that.
it’s such a perfect way to add some bling to those boring old nail polishes. Here are some ideas of how to glitter up for this Fall season!

Credit Dressed up nails

Ombre Nails
Not only has ombre hair become a huge trend this year, but also ombre nails have become even bigger! I am absolutely in love with this look!

Credit to The Nailasaurus
Get inspired!



Just because you hear the word glitter doesn’t mean you have to go all out and paint every nail. Sometimes less is more! Doing an accent nail is the perfect amount, and it really helps to show a bit of your girly side.

Glam up that proper style of French tips with some poise! This look is super easy to get. It will take less than 10min! Just paint your base coat and wait for it to dry. Then tape the bottom part of your nail leaving just a little room at the top and paint it with glitter polish! Easy!









Removing Glitter Polish
I’m no nail expert, but this is the way I like to remove stubborn glitter nail polish so I thought I’d share it with you in case you didn’t already know this way.
I take 5 round cotton wool pads and tear them in half so I’m left with 10 pieces. I soak each piece with nail polish remover and I find using one with acetone in it works best. After soaking the cotton wool, I wrap them around my finger and then wrap tin foil over the top. It’s best if you cut the foil up into 10 strips first so they’re all prepared.

You leave these on for 5 minutes. When I take them off I pull the foil and cotton wool down so it pulls the glitter off the nail and it should be easy to remove.

So, I hope this was inspiring and helpful! …. and last, but not least a Glitter Kiss!


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