Stand out shades for Spring/Summer 2014

Nail Luxxe

The top shades to be wearing this Spring and Summer!

butter london muggins


Much like previous years, pastels are back, but with a new dominant shade!  The highlight colour for Spring 2013 nails was mint green but this year it’s been replaced by a lilac/lavender hue. A colour that is also extremely flattering on most skin tones.

resort fling essie


What was once a relatively difficult colour to get hold of, peach gets somewhat of a revival this Spring and Summer. Peachy, melon hues inject a subtle splash of fun to a manicure.

tom ford sugar dune


Although it may just seem like another nude there is a sliiiight distinguishing factor.  Sand is a specific shade of nude, which tends to contain a hint of shimmer for this upcoming season.

Essie Blanc White nails


Do you remember when white nails were compared to Tipex (White Out)? Nope, me neither! White nails get an update with the option to play on…

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