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4 Style Stars on our Radar 2014!


Have you ever had a fashion icon that inspired you so much that you couldn’t help but to emulate some style quirks? Sometimes you’re attracted to this person’s taste, and sometimes you share with this person a hair type or a body type or a face shape, and you look to this style icon to see what he or she does with what you both have. 2014 is no different. Take a look at 4 of the best style icons for the year, and see if you can find some new inspiration.

Style Icon 1: Lupita Nyong’o

Well-deserving of her recent Best Supporting Actress Academy Award, Lupita has wow’ed the world not only with her outstanding performance, but with her red cape dress at the award ceremony. The red dress declared what we had already suspected: this is an actress whose style should not be underestimated. Her style is often characterized by bold colors, vintage inspired pieces, and a beaming smile.

20140418-221220.jpgGet the Lupita Look:
1. Don’t shy away from bright colors.
2. Try pieces that are a little out of street style’s comfort zone.
3. Match a sleek, all-black outfit with a great pair of shoes, like these polka-dotted Fergie’s from
4. Don’t use a big bag when you can use a clutch.

Style Icon 2: Lorde

20140418-222934.jpgLorde is the stage name for Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (you’d have a stage name, too, with that long name). The New Zealand singer has rocked the Billboard charts internationally – but she’s also internationally rocked a grunge style that makes us sit up and take notice. Her style is often defined by her untamable curls, her grunge style, and her dark color palate.

20140418-231434.jpgGet the Lorde Look:
1. Rock the Doc Martens.
2. Wear what’s comfortable -but with style-defining pieces.
3. Let those locks do their thing, but use Frizz-Ease for a night out.
4. Get a rockstar pair of Wayfarers.

Style Icon 3: Suki Waterhouse

20140418-232249.jpgSome recognize Suki Waterhouse as Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, and others recognize her as the British model with the look of Old Hollywood. With long bangs and blonde tresses, Suki has formidable style and often tries unusual or interesting pieces for her street style.

20140418-232405.jpgGet the Suki Look:

1. Love pastels.
2. Rock trouser shorts, like these from Tory Burch Ceder.
3. Have your stylist cut long bangs and brush them to whatever side you want.
4. Coordinate lace and leather.

Style Icon 4: Gia Coppola

20140418-232939.jpgGia Coppola has connections. She’s the niece of Sofia Coppola, the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola, and her cousins are Nicholas Cage and Jason Schwartzman -but despite her familial connections, she has worked her way up in Hollywood from an intern to a director. She says her film styles are defined by movies such as American Graffiti, The Outsiders, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and The Virgin Suicides. Her movies may be inspired by those films, but her style is inspired by them as well, incorporating mini prints, biker leather, and Peter Pan collars.

Get the Gia Look:
1. Get some classic black kitten heels or black flats. They look great with skinny jeans and with skirts.
2. Get a metallic mini skirt like this from H&M and match it with denim.
3. Let the leopard print pop against navies and blacks.
4. Go minimalist with a small clutch or a cross-body bag.

Hope you got some inspiration with these Trendy Outfits of the Star Icons and enjoyed reading this post!

Yours Janesfashion19 💞

20140418-233756.jpgAbout the Author:Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-credited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible.

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