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… and Bingo – your very own Style!

Follow up these simple tips to look more stunning everyday

A great dress makes a woman feel special and should be comfy and easy to carry. To be able to put on a perfect dress and know that it is flattering from every angle is really important for every girl.

● Trust your gut:

 Trust your gut, not a stylist or a rule maker. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman out in clothes that she obviously thinks she should wear. Your comfort is what you see first. And like I said before, look at yourself from every possible angle before you leave the house.

● Keep your look balanced:

 It’s great to make a statement now and again, but try and stick to a few classic guidelines. Try always to reveal lots of different styles for your top shoulder, and you should have your legs hidden. Or if you want to show some leg, wear a jumper dress on top. Don’t let it all hang out; it’s much pleasant to leave a little to the imagination.

● Less is more:

 Keeping things simple. My motto is ‘less is more’ and I live by that. Try not to wear anything overly complicated. Carry the way you want to look and make it just a best look of yours.

● Accessories have major power:

 The right bag, shoes, or sunglasses can make or transform the look of an outfit. Try not to leave the house without the shades, even if you’re not that keen on the clothes, always check a designer’s bags, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses.

● Always be the happy person that you are

 There is nothing that would suit your look better than a beautiful smile on your face. This handy tip was actually given to me by a friend I knew on gamevillage.We play online Bingo frequently and have shared many such pleasantaries online. This is on good reason why I love playing online Bingo you get to meet many like-minded people.

Yours Janesfashion!

Please leave any comments or more suggestions below!  

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