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… and Bingo – your very own Style!

Follow up these simple tips to look more stunning everyday A great dress makes a woman feel special and should be comfy and easy to carry. To be able to put on a perfect dress and know that it is flattering from every angle is really important for every girl. ● Trust your gut:  Trust… Continue reading … and Bingo – your very own Style!


A Comparison of Micro-Needling and Laser Skincare Choices

    One of the most annoying things about the natural aging process is the way in which it affects our skin. Obviously, the skin is located on the outside of the body, which leaves it susceptible to a lot of damage from the elements and harsh chemicals over the years. Beyond that, our bodies naturally… Continue reading A Comparison of Micro-Needling and Laser Skincare Choices

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The High Braided Crown Tutorial

STEP-BY-STEP As well as leaving enough time to do this style, you need to make sure your hair is prepped really well for this braid. By “prepped” I mean that your hair needs to have some volume and hold. For my hair this means I blowdried my hair and curled it the day before, and… Continue reading The High Braided Crown Tutorial

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“Kendra’s Night Out” Challenge!

Wow, I’m excited and honoured to be picked by Kendra Thornton to take part on her “Kendra’s Night Out” Challenge! Kendra Thornton, is a travel expert who has been featured on television shows like Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. She regularly shares her tips on planning, packing, and numerous other aspects of travel, and she… Continue reading “Kendra’s Night Out” Challenge!

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Diagonal French Nail Tip Design!

Today I want to share with you my new addiction…. The Diagonal French Manicure! It is super easy to create, looks different and will put some attention to your stylish Outfit! Try the more colorful and fun design for your summer outfit or keep it more natural with white Tips for your pure and white… Continue reading Diagonal French Nail Tip Design!

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A Brief History of Polka Dots!

Don’t just think it’s only dots, think again…….it’s Polka Dots! Have at least one piece in your wardrobe and feel to be part of Fashion History! The word “polka” itself derives from the Polish for “Polish woman”—in Czech, it translates to “little woman or girl.” Starting in the years between 1830-1835, Europe and then the… Continue reading A Brief History of Polka Dots!

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Selfmade Tinted Moisturizer

We all know, that using foundation everyday is not the best for your skin, because it can close up the pores, so using a tinted moisturizer is quite a good alternative. In fact, if your skin is quite good and you don’t need a lot of coverage, tinted moisturizer can give a more natural and… Continue reading Selfmade Tinted Moisturizer