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The Chocolate Face Mask

A guilt free way to nourish and soften your skin Lately, I am craving for chocolate more than I should and who doesn’t loves the brown cocoa sweetness. So, when I came across an article about selfmade chocolate mask I had to share it with you. Why not just use it for another healthy kind… Continue reading The Chocolate Face Mask

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Fall Season Trend 2013 – “The Smokey Cat Eye”

An absolute must for this Fall/2013 season… “The Smokey Cat Eye” First apply foundation to even out your skin tone, which will allow your eyes to get all the attention. The Smoky Cat Eye Look also fits hooded and downturned eyes as it helps lift up the lids by focusing the make up on the… Continue reading Fall Season Trend 2013 – “The Smokey Cat Eye”

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Glitter up those Nails!

We all love to doll up our nails and make them look girly and bold. Maybe your looking for a way to make those nails stand out just a little bit more. Glitter Polish can do just that. it’s such a perfect way to add some bling to those boring old nail polishes. Here are… Continue reading Glitter up those Nails!


CHANEL – Day & Night

Chanel formulated these recently launched face serums based on the idea that your skin needs different ingredients at certain times of the day. There’s a third made for the weekend, too, but we love how sleek this black-and-white duo (representing night and day respectively, of course) look next to one another on the bathroom shelf.… Continue reading CHANEL – Day & Night

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The Miracle of Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Treatment – DIY!

Lately my hair became very dry and frizzy from coloring my roots blond every 5 weeks! I was searching for a very good selfmade beauty treatment! When I came across this article for Coconut Oil Hair treatment, I wanted to share it with you! Please let me know, if anyone has made good experience with… Continue reading The Miracle of Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Treatment – DIY!

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Five Make-up Brushes is all you need!

Do you get confused like me, when you see those hundreds of make-up brushes and actually have no idea if you need yourself that many? Well at home, you don’t need to have tons of brushes. When you go shopping for a makeup brush, you’re bombarded with choices. Here are the five must-have brushes of… Continue reading Five Make-up Brushes is all you need!


Natural Bushy Eyebrows – This seasons Trend!

This Seasons Beauty Trend – Natural Bushy Eyebrows! Luxurious thick eyebrows can make your face and eye type more evident. They really make you attractive and irresistible. Just like many celebrities who nowadays have magnificent and thick eyebrows, you can also have them. The trend is not to over pluck them! Let your eyebrows be… Continue reading Natural Bushy Eyebrows – This seasons Trend!

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Go Bananas for healthy Hair!

You must know that healthy hair can be achieved and the answers can be found in your kitchen or inside your refrigerator. You need not to resort to chemicals all the time for it can further damage your hair. This time, go for natural hair treatment – proven safe and effective plus less side effects.… Continue reading Go Bananas for healthy Hair!