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The High Braided Crown Tutorial

STEP-BY-STEP As well as leaving enough time to do this style, you need to make sure your hair is prepped really well for this braid. By “prepped” I mean that your hair needs to have some volume and hold. For my hair this means I blowdried my hair and curled it the day before, and… Continue reading The High Braided Crown Tutorial

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Summer Trends – Outfits, Hairstyles, Naildesign & Make up

Summer dressing is an ode to a certain ubiquitous style—shorts, stripes, sundresses and swishy skirts — that given a little update proves its staying power. Look chic in the heat with this season’s newest looks! Style your Hair with loose braids and polish your Nails with fresh colors, matching your fresh Summer Outfits! Then get… Continue reading Summer Trends – Outfits, Hairstyles, Naildesign & Make up

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Small Braids – Big News

Small Braids are Big News this Season! Front, back, side, center! It doesn’t matter! Braid your way with neatly plaits woven through the parting or with a casual dose of bed-head, as at Holly Fulton! Plaits are really having a moment right now. So, what are you waiting for? Get braiding and have fun!


Top Knot & Sock Bun Hairstyles

Today is one of my favourite easy hairstyles – the giant top knot. I find I wear this hairstyle a lot lately as it’s so quick to do. Especially on a bad hair day! What you need: A brush – I like a paddle brush or a bristle brush A comb An elastic Bobby pins… Continue reading Top Knot & Sock Bun Hairstyles


Quick Hair Twist!

This Quick Hair Twist is for short/medium Hair! Very easy to do and you look great within minutes! Tools you need: Bobby pins, Accessory, Hairspray Take the entire left side and start twisting near your ear. Best to twist it kind of tight and then loosen it up after you pin everything. Stop just past… Continue reading Quick Hair Twist!