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Spring Fashion Trends 2014

Dear trend-setters, spring is just around the corner and itโ€™s time to start planning our outfits for the upcoming season. It promises to be the most sexy, bold and jewel-encrusted season. Expect plenty of sheer pencil skirts, dazzling prints and plenty of pink… Here are some of the top following trends for Spring 2014: Cropped,… Continue reading Spring Fashion Trends 2014

Trendy Outfits

Stripes are this seasons trend!

This season stripes are definitely very trendy! They give you a nautical touch and you feel that Spring is just around the corner! I must admit I always loved stripes and will add some more stripy sweaters to my wardrobe soon! I love that marine, white and red combination! Which one is your favorite? Follow… Continue reading Stripes are this seasons trend!

Trendy Outfits

Spring Outfit Ideas!

I know it’s still too cold for these Spring and Summer outfits, but I just can’t wait for the spring to come! I do live in a warmer Region, where we don’t have snow at all and still I do miss those sunny days and look forward to wear some of these outfits very soon!… Continue reading Spring Outfit Ideas!