A Comparison of Micro-Needling and Laser Skincare Choices


One of the most annoying things about the natural aging process is the way in which it affects our skin. Obviously, the skin is located on the outside of the body, which leaves it susceptible to a lot of damage from the elements and harsh chemicals over the years. Beyond that, our bodies naturally stop making as much of the growth hormones and proteins needed to strengthen cells once we reach middle age. Luckily there are skincare procedures like lasers and micro-needling (Dermaroller) that can help with that.

 What Are Dermaroller and Laser Treatments?

Dermaroller treatment involves rolling a device over the skin, much like using a rolling pin to flatten out dough in order to make a pie or pizza. The big difference is that this particular roller is covered in needles. As it is moved across the skin, the needles poke tiny holes. The body interprets that as an attack.

 Laser treatments are much more varied. Some focus mainly on the skin’s surface, some focus on deeper cells, and others drill columns through all of the skin’s layers. However, they all use focused beams of light to heat up the cells, creating microscopic holes or more generalized minor damage.

  Why Damaging Cells Can Actually Repair Them
Regardless of which treatment you choose, you should understand why damaging cells can help to fix them. After all, it probably seems like the last thing you should do is purposely damage your skin more, especially if you’re already struggling with wrinkles and other skin issues. But the point of aesthetic laser equipment or the Dermaroller method of correcting skin problems is to force your body to start making larger quantities of the stuff it used to produce in large quantities when you were younger, such as collagen. Collagen, elastin, and other natural proteins can then be used to repair not just the new damage, but also some of the older damage. After repeated treatments, you should start to see a significant improvement in your skin health.

What to Expect from Either Procedure

Both procedures are generally performed in clinics and must be done by trained professionals, unless you use weaker at-home kits to treat yourself. When you go in for either treatment the technician should numb the area to be treated. Lasers may be slightly uncomfortable and cause temporary redness. Micro-needling devices will also be somewhat uncomfortable and will cause quite a bit of bleeding, but that’s normal. Sterile gauze will be applied in order to stop the bleeding quickly.

  You should also expect that you may be a better candidate for one procedure than you are for the other. For example, oily skin could rule you out as a candidate for most laser treatments. Skin oils when superheated can create burns or blisters, making skin problems worse, not better. But all forms of laser treatments and micro-needling procedures work well on the proper skin types. So, it’s just a matter of doing the research to figure out which procedure your skin type and particular skin issue matches.

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